Sarah, Suz and Mel came to visit!

We just had a wonderful weekend spending time with some of my best friends, Melissa, Sarah and Suzanne. Suzanne was the first to arrive on Thursday afternoon. She rode over with Paul to pick me up from work. She got a sneak peak into my classroom and met some of my most charming and energetic munchkins. That evening we made a delicious pizza (mushrooms, peppers, onions, tomato and spicy ground turkey). After dinner Suz and I drove to pick up Sarah from the airport. We made it to bed around 12:30am without really waking Paul up. Friday morning Paul and I made breakfast. Afterwards us ladies went out for a long walk along the river path behind our apartment while Paul finished up some work. When he was done the four of us drove down to 4th Avenue for some window shopping, thrift store browsing, people watching, and outdoor patio noshing. We sat by the pool to read and sunbathe for a few before picking up Melissa on Friday evening. The 5 of us had a scrumptious tapas meal of lots of little plates including stuffed mushrooms, shrimp, chorizo, home-made cheese, and squash raviolis. We had a very fun evening out (back at 4th Ave) full of lots of dancing and lots of laughs. Saturday we enjoyed a relaxing and beautiful hike in Sabino Canyon before an afternoon of more sunning and pooling. We went to dinner at a fancy Mexican place and had another fun dance-filled night out. Sunday we had to say goodbye 'till next time. I love you girls.


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