First Week With Our Puppy Girl Burren

Paul and I picked up Miss Burren from our breeder in Phoenix Saturday morning (after a nice visit to Paul's cousins, Eric, Casey and their two month old baby, Jackson). It was a morning filled with a baby and a puppy and I was not complaining. Burren was seven and a half weeks old when we got her. She is everything you'd imagine a puppy to be - soft, sweet, curious, sleepy, shy and floppy. She weighs about ten pounds and is around ten inches tall. We have devoted our weekend to her constant supervision and care. Quite the doting parents, we've focused on playing, eating, sleeping and of course - potty training. There have been only a few small tinkles inside and thankfully ALL poops outside (is that an overshare?)! Today we took Burren for a walk/carry on the bike path along our apartment and sat with her while we took in the sights of the farmers market down the road. There was a lot to see and take in so she was perfectly content sitting in our laps, watching the show. This afternoon we had fun playing tennis, just the two of us, while Burren napped in her crate. When she woke up we took her to the courts to run around off-leash and start to get the hang of chasing us around, which she is already quite good at! We are having so much fun so far and look forward to the joy and pride continuing to grow.


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