4th of July and Other Amazing Moments!

Our visit to Seneca Lake was wonderful and so relaxing! We had an excellent wine pairing dinner with my parents, Phil & Kathleen, and Kathleen's parents. Here's the menu to make your mouth water :)

Artichoke & spicy crab gratin - Sauvignon Blanc - Paul & Sarah
Baby spinach, spring pea & fresh pesto salad - Pinot Gris - the Porters
Argentine beef kebabs with chimichurri, fingerling potato salad, grilled asparagus - Pinot Noir & Merlot - the Gillios
Thick cut bacon with dark chocolate drizzle - Prosecco - Phil & Kathleen

Engagement Photos

We finally booked time with our photographer Rebecca Hansen to shoot some engagement photos. After deciding against the Arnold Arboretum (the forecast was rain), we had a fun session by the Frank Gehry building at MIT.


Here are a bunch of photos from our drive across the country. We left Tucson and drove through the South, making stops in El Paso, Houston, New Orleans, Jacksonville, Hilton Head, DC, and Brooklyn before pulling up to our new place in Holyoke.