Around & About

I have had a few work trips with scenic views in the past few months. I had some time on the way to the airport in both Colorado and Nevada to take a few photos and dip my feet in the local swimming holes. You'll see photos or video of Lake Tahoe and the Gunnison River.

Parker Canyon Lake

While sneaking out of the Tucson heat, Sarah, Burren, and I found ourselves relaxing at Parker Canyon Lake. Can you believe its actually cooler south of us? The lake is only about 10 miles from the Mexican border. Little Burren had a blast swimming and roaming around the trees and grass, a rarity for her in this desert.


Sarah said YES. I was pretty sure she would, but there's nothing so sweet as really knowing!

The place was Sarah's favorite beach in Falmouth, on Cape Cod. She had been going there since she was a kid, and when we started dating she brought me along on many occasions. It became a place that instantly evoked memories of relaxing together in the sun and rollerblading hand-in-hand. One year ago I said to myself, that when the time came, that would be where I would ask Sarah to marry me. When the time finally did come just a month ago, I asked her to take a stroll down the beach. When we ran out of beach I knelt down in the sand asked the question that I had been dreaming of asking for a long time. And the rest, as they say, is history.

The ring was my Grandmother's, and the stone in the ring was carried from Australia during WWII by my Grandpa. Pretty cool story. You can see a photo of the new setting that Sarah helped me pick out, it's a keeper.

Here are some of the photos from our travels. Our itinerary in a nutshell; TUS to NYC via air, NYC to BOS via bus, BOS to ROC via car, ROC to TUS via air, we should have found a train in there somewhere! I hope we were able to see everyone that is reading this, and I look forward to seeing those of you that we missed.

Here's a video for my Dad. Nice kayak sir!

Here is Molly, she can really long jump off our dock!