An October Ride

Hi friends. So... I built a motorcycle mount for the camera. Anyone wanna go for a ride?!

Quads & Buses

We visited my Aunt and Uncle this weekend in Phoenix. They have a place way out on the edge of the desert. Eric and Casey were there as well!
On Saturday Eric, Sarah, my Uncle and I rode out into the desert mountains on their quads. For those of you who haven't ridden before quads are mini 4-wheel-drive off-road bikes. They are also wicked fun! I didn't take enough photos since I didn't want the dust getting into my new camera. Trust me there was dust everywhere. When we got back I looked like I had a dust beard.
We followed Eric through some of his favorite trails; up steep hills, along dry river beds, twisting through cacti, between rock walls, and down boulder fields. Sarah was the only newbie rider among us, but she kept up with no problem. She charged up embankments that Eric claims a lot of people are too afraid to go up!
After soaking in the pool and relaxing that afternoon we had a wonderful home-cooked paella for dinner. There were a few rounds of Catch-phrase, always a favorite, and we ended the evening under the stars enjoying a fire.
It was a great weekend with family!

Quads & Buses

Enjoy Your New Viewing Experience!

The camera Sarah gave me for my birthday arrived today! Video quality is much improved over the older cam, enjoy!

Out On The Town With The Needham Girls!

Taboo anyone?

If you ask these ladies to a game you're gonna get your butt kicked. They're wicked smart, and a lot of fun to hang out with. No wonder Sarah's been with them through thick and thin since high school.

Kara and Nicky arrived on Friday through determination and some lucky connections. We gave them a proper welcome with some homemade pizza and headed right out to explore the local bar scene. I can't really say we have any favorite spots yet, we've only been to half a dozen at most. At any rate, the girls loved the warm fall evening that Tucson is so generous with.
Saturday morning was a lazy stroll through downtown while checking out nicknacks in various hole-in-the-wall thrift shops. For the rest of the day we lounged by the pool, treated ourselves to some killer mexican grub, and partied with Nicky's cousin Josh.
Sunday was a heck of a day, from scaling cliffs on Mt. Lemmon, back to the pool, to our no-holds-barred game of Taboo :) Unfortunately, Alyssa's flight was delayed. So, when we finally picked her up at the airport that night she had missed our culinary ode to the grill. (That "Weber's Big Book of Grilling" rocks!)
Monday poured more sunshine and we toured a bit around U of A. In the process we found a new section of great outdoor dinner spots.

The days were fun, the evenings a riot. The views we shared were spectacular. The conversations were many and delightful. The worst part was saying farewell. Thanks for visiting us!

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Needham Girls Visit

Our First Taste of Tucson Camping

This weekend Sarah and I were excited to try camping at high elevation on Mt. Lemmon. We found Rose Canyon at 7,000 ft. It's car-camping, but a good intro to staying overnight in the area. Rose Canyon boasts Mt. Lemmon's largest, perhaps only standing body of water, the picturesque Rose Canyon Lake. We spent a bit more than half of Saturday toprope climbing and then moved on to a relaxing hike around Rose Canyon Lake. That evening we treated ourselves to one of Sarah's favorite comfort foods, Franks & Beans, for dinner. Of course we had to mix it up a bit by switching out the Franks with White Hots, mmm yum!
The clouds obscured some of our stargazing, while the constant din of our neighboring campers slightly muddled the rest. But, from a comfy hammock under the trees, not much bothers you! I think next time we'll attempt to find a less traveled campground (if any exist). Perhaps if we own up to carrying our needs and foregoing a few luxuries, we'll decide to pack up and find a nice place in the forest. Aaah, next time!
Rose Canyon Camping

I Don't Feel More Than Two Weeks & A Day Over 30!

Seriously though, Are you supposed feel younger than you appear to everyone younger than you?
I had a great time for my birthday this year. True, I missed celebrating with my birthday brother Trev, but with traveling that week I was able to see good friends and family. Thank you to Susan & Peggy and all for making that a special Sunday. Thanks to everyone who called, and wrote, and texted, and even flew to congratulate me! I love hearing from every one of you!
The weekend following my (yes 30th) birthday, Sarah told me she had a surprise in store. On Friday I was all set to go out, thinking we were going to a show or dinner, when the doorbell rang. Our doorbell never rings! There's Sarah with a sheepish grin saying, "I wonder who could that be?" Lo and behold my brother Phillip and his girlfriend Kathleen are standing outside. They completely surprised me! (He had convinced me on the phone that the earliest visit they could make would be in the spring)
We had a great weekend. My cousin Eric and his wife Casey also drove down from Phoenix and we all enjoyed some great mexican cuisine. We lounged at the pool, played cards, and even had time to take a hike around Mt. Lemmon (I know, what Gillio event doesn't involve a hike, right?!)
Thanks for a great birthday to all! (And thanks for the cookies Mom!)
Paul's 30th

Hello Bean-town!

While in Boston for the week I was witness to one of the most stunning sunsets I've ever seen. Later that week, Trev demonstrated another awesome light display, a la grinding metal. Finally it's always a treat to catch up with good friends!
Boston Visit

Dad and Laurel's Wedding

Paul and I got to head up to Boston for a weekend in September (Paul's b-day weekend as a matter of fact) for my Dad's wedding. The service and reception were very classy and well put together. It was awesome to be able to see so many important people to us in one weekend. Here are some pictures from the wedding.
Ladd Wedding