I Don't Feel More Than Two Weeks & A Day Over 30!

Seriously though, Are you supposed feel younger than you appear to everyone younger than you?
I had a great time for my birthday this year. True, I missed celebrating with my birthday brother Trev, but with traveling that week I was able to see good friends and family. Thank you to Susan & Peggy and all for making that a special Sunday. Thanks to everyone who called, and wrote, and texted, and even flew to congratulate me! I love hearing from every one of you!
The weekend following my (yes 30th) birthday, Sarah told me she had a surprise in store. On Friday I was all set to go out, thinking we were going to a show or dinner, when the doorbell rang. Our doorbell never rings! There's Sarah with a sheepish grin saying, "I wonder who could that be?" Lo and behold my brother Phillip and his girlfriend Kathleen are standing outside. They completely surprised me! (He had convinced me on the phone that the earliest visit they could make would be in the spring)
We had a great weekend. My cousin Eric and his wife Casey also drove down from Phoenix and we all enjoyed some great mexican cuisine. We lounged at the pool, played cards, and even had time to take a hike around Mt. Lemmon (I know, what Gillio event doesn't involve a hike, right?!)
Thanks for a great birthday to all! (And thanks for the cookies Mom!)
Paul's 30th


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