Our First Taste of Tucson Camping

This weekend Sarah and I were excited to try camping at high elevation on Mt. Lemmon. We found Rose Canyon at 7,000 ft. It's car-camping, but a good intro to staying overnight in the area. Rose Canyon boasts Mt. Lemmon's largest, perhaps only standing body of water, the picturesque Rose Canyon Lake. We spent a bit more than half of Saturday toprope climbing and then moved on to a relaxing hike around Rose Canyon Lake. That evening we treated ourselves to one of Sarah's favorite comfort foods, Franks & Beans, for dinner. Of course we had to mix it up a bit by switching out the Franks with White Hots, mmm yum!
The clouds obscured some of our stargazing, while the constant din of our neighboring campers slightly muddled the rest. But, from a comfy hammock under the trees, not much bothers you! I think next time we'll attempt to find a less traveled campground (if any exist). Perhaps if we own up to carrying our needs and foregoing a few luxuries, we'll decide to pack up and find a nice place in the forest. Aaah, next time!
Rose Canyon Camping


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