Easter, Hiking & A Big Missile

My parents came to visit Sarah and I for Easter. We packed in a lot of fun. Here is the short version :)
We hiked in Sabino Canyon looking for geocaches, actually finding a cool recipe travel-bug!
We visited the Buses for Easter, the biggest Gillio/Bus family gathering in awhile, we really missed Phil & Kathleen & Grandpa & Grace!
We hiked halfway up Mt. Wrightson, around 1200' elevation gain!
We visited the last Titan Missile in existence, and Mom turned the key and pushed the button that could have started WWIII thus ending the world!
We saw Second City perform, and true to form we had front row seats and I was chosen to have a song performed about me!
And of course we had some wonderful meals! All of which I seem to have been too excited to eat because I didn't take any photos.
Thanks for coming to visit and the great times Mom & Dad. We love & miss you!