Joining the Circus?

Last Saturday Sarah and I spent our afternoon goofing around with a bunch of our fellow crossfitters. Our gym (Crossfit Works) rented a few hours of workout time at Gymnastics World in Tucson and we had a blast!

The skilled instructors led us through a long warm-up with stretching, tumbling, cartwheeling, jumping, and generally throwing ourselves around like 10 year olds :)
After the warm-up we were allowed to try any equipment we liked in the gym. Sarah headed right for the super-bouncy trampoline. She developed a mini workout of sorts and then moved on to some aerial stunts. Most of which (I apologize) were not captured on film. All of them were pretty sweet though!

I went swinging on the rings and then the bar. Below where I'm swinging there is a deep pit filled with foam cubes to absorb falls you take while attempting flips and whatnot. The fall into the pit was quite fun too!

Almost everyone spent some time learning the mechanics of hand springs, and while only two or so of our group actually landed any we all had a lot of laughs while trying!
The experience was a great rare treat. I think we were all sore in new places for the next few days:) Thank you to our coach Jenn for organizing the outing!


Danny said...

I'm getting tired just watching the video of Sarah

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