This Valentines day weekend the two of us decided to make the four hour drive to Puerto Penasco, Mexico (Rocky Point as it's known in the states). To our good fortune, the two night stay didn't cost a dime. As a lease signing bonus our apartment complex hands out vouchers, not bad, huh? Crossing the border was a breeze, no Mexican official to be seen, just a gate going up and down to keep track of the count. Our hotel was right on the water with a cool pool and a huge hot tub, throw in the uber-comfy beach beds and we were quite relaxed. Having to drive there and back with only two nights we decided not to leave the hotel except for our meals. I have to say it was great! Between reading and taking the occasional cool-off dip we were content. Next time we'll explore the area. We did venture out a bit though. Finding a cab and working my rusty command of spanish was fun. Each evening we found places with good margaritas and tasty offerings.
While the landscape there was stark (ocean meets desert), the marine life was abundant. Each morning the many fishing vessels in town could be seen trolling for catch just off-shore. The tidal swing was an impressive 20 feet! It revealed a host of crustaceans and small fish, along with sea birds hunting their breakfast.
We resisted the MANY hawkers of junk while in line to cross back into the US. There is actually a sign that designates where the selling and panhandling may begin. Even the stray dogs play their part of trotting alongside looking for a bit of something to be thrown their way. All told the wait was around 20 minutes. Not long from what I've learned. At peak holidays the wait can be many hours.
All-in-all we're looking forward to another trip south of the border sometime. I guess we can resign our lease for motivation!
Puerto Penasco


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