We've Been Making Food... Shocking? Not So Much!

First may I present Gravlax!

I am quite satisfied with the results of my first trial. With some cream cheese, capers, & red onion on a poppyseed bagel it was delicious!

Next is my second attempt at Mozzarella. It's a better "mozz" than the first attempt, but still needs refining...

Finally, the masterpiece! I have been yearning to make soft pretzels for a long time, and they turned out delicious.

Notice the golden brown color and salt crystal texture. Hungry?

But wait! It gets better! This may appeal to the Rochesterian readers more than others, but I'm sure most red-blooded Americans are down with the "Pretzel Dog". Why, you ask, would this appeal to those folks from Western NY? Because I made White-Hot Pretzel Dogs!!! They were YUMMY!

Yes, that is spicy brown mustard accompanying :)


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