Christmas in Rochester

I was home in Rochester for a leisurely 10 days. It was almost shortened to 9 when our pilot announced that we couldn't quite land yet (we were already 10 min late) as a plane slid off the ice-covered runway just two planes ahead of us. He flew us back west to Buffalo to refuel and wait for the ground crew to pull the stuck plane from a snow bank. You gotta love winter in the Northeast! On board I was preparing myself for the transition to harsh cold while the guy sitting next to me (coming from Fairbanks, Alaska) was preparing for warmer weather :)
I had a lot of fun seeing my family and friends. We ate well, of course. We stayed warm, even while cheering the Bills on at Ralph Wilson, or getting out to take a hike. Even though I was home a whole 10 days, the time flew by. Did I mention that I also ate waaaay too many cookies?! I doubt I'm the only one who rationalizes that behavior with the logic "I better get while the getting is GOOD!"
Sitting here basking in the warmth of the Southwestern winter sun (I know! It's warm even in January!) I can't really say that I miss Northeastern winters too terribly much, but I do really miss all of you!
Christmas Time


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