Christmas in San Diego

Over the holidays I was able to meet Mom, Peggy and my sister, Elka, in San Diego! It was so great to spend some quality family time for the weekend. We mostly walked around outside (Mom and Peggy were loving being outside in the 70 degree weather) and checked out different restaurants in areas like Balboa Park, Elka's neighborhood, Hillcrest, bay area, and the Gaslamp District. On Monday, I flew back to Tucson with Mom and Peggy to meet Paul! It was great to have them get to see our apartment, the area in Tucson that we're in and the JCC. One morning Mom and Peggy came into my class to meet my kiddies and tell them the story of when God called Samuel (when he was a young child). The kids loved it - and so did Mom and Peggy. We also got to take Mom and Peggy to our favorite Mexican place for dinner, Guadalajara Grill, with the table-side salsa and mariachi band.


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