Mom's Visit

It was really wonderful to have my Mom visit last month. We had a fun and low-key weekend together in which Paul and I really got to show her some of our everyday lives. Saturday we went for hike up at the top of Mount Lemmon. The highlight of this was finding the lookout tower where a retired firefighter lives in a teeny "cabin" with windows on 3 sides watching for forest fires. The firefighter invited us into his home and chatted with us for about 15 minutes, offering us breakfast and sharing the answers to any questions we had.

On Sunday morning we walked to the farmer's market to pick up our CSA share. Mom enjoyed seeing all the hustle and bustle of our Sunday morning market as well as what we get in our CSA. Since Mom was visiting, it wouldn't of been right to skip church so we looked up our UCC options online and found a very small, social justice oriented congregation with a progressive service and female minister. We all enjoyed it.

On Monday Mom got a taste of Crossfit. First she came to watch Paul and I workout. Mom saw us complete a workout called, "Grace," which is 30 power cleans (135 lbs for Paul and 65 lbs for me) for time. That made her nice and nervous for her own turn. Then she got to participate herself - spending a session with a trainer who designed a work out just for her. She had lots of fun and got a good idea of what Crossfit is all about. I'm proud of her for being so enthusiastic and really giving it a try.

Later, Mom came into school and got to meet my kids and see me in action. She spent lunch with us, learning names and trying to hear everyone as they talked over each other to get her attention. She got to read some books to the kids and walk with us to the pool for afternoon free swim, where there was more "look what I can do!"'s.

Paul and I loved having you here and can't wait for the next visit!


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