Mom & Dad Time

I am a lucky guy. I have a wonderful girlfriend who can handle hanging out with me pretty much all of the time. I am also really lucky to have some awesome friends and family to visit and add some extra personality to our two ring circus.
Having my parents visit us was a lot of fun. It had been awhile since the summer heat of the finger lakes when we waved goodbye in our Penske moving truck. I missed them.
Getting from Rochester to Tucson via airplane isn't as easy as one might hope. I appreciate this now as I look for flights home for Christmas. Mom & Dad opted to fly into Phoenix, its a bit easier.
Friday was a relaxing day. We went for a long walk along the river trail, got some groceries, planned our feast (its a Gillio tradition!), and sipped some drinks while soaking in the hot tub. On Saturday there was a bicycle street fair with tons of people selling new and used bikes in preparation for Tucson's big bicycle event "El Tour". Anyhow Sarah bought a new-to-her bike! Its a cool yellow & blue, we'll show you some time. After that search and bartering fun, we headed to the Sonoran Desert Museum. Don't miss the photos below! There were lots of cool animals, hawks flying just inches over our heads, and Sarah got to meet her fear incarnate in their beautiful mountain lions.
Guadalajara Grill is starting to recognize us. All of our visitors have been brought there, but who could blame us with salsa made fresh at your table, awesome chile verde, and BIG margaritas! We made sure to take some leftovers home. This time we didn't forget them in the car :)
What Gillio get together would be complete without a hike? Mt. Lemmon provides fantastic scenery, and on Sunday we even hiked a bit further than planned. We passed thru the bare lone poles of the 2003 forest fire around 8,200 ft. and then down to a cool creek bed that saved the trees on the opposing side from the flames.
For our final dinner Mom & Dad made some home-made gnocchi in a delicious red sauce with mushrooms, aspargus, & steak tips. MMMMmmmmm good! I love my parents cooking!!!
Saying good bye was sad to do, but I'm excited to see them again for Christmas. Thanks for visiting, love you guys!

Check out our photos!
Mom & Dad visit AZ


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