Cute Kid Quotes

Here is random assortment of adorable quotes from the past few weeks:

“You know what I learned? I learned that if you don’t wash your hands, you get sick. I learned that from Sid the Science Kid. He knows everything ‘cuz he’s the science kid.” ~ Tea

Annabelle to Miss Sydney whose hair was in many pigtails and bungs on Crazy Hair Day, “You look as beautiful as a rose.”

Me: "Rowa, what is something that you like a lot or are interested in that you want to learn more about this year?" Rowa: I wanna learn where everything is in the whole world!”

After taking a Spanish class that met for one hour, once a week for 6 weeks, Tyler counted his friends in Spanish, Tyler: “Uno, Does, Tres, Quatro!” Tea: “You know Spanish?” Tyler: “Ya, it was the last day Friday and now I know it.”

Me: “Wanna make a puppet?” Haley: “A boyfriend puppet?” Me: “What?” Haley: “Well, my girl puppet is lonely.”

While a few of us were looking at a globe together: With great distress, “Miss Sarah, Talya’s spinning the whole world!” – Logan A few minutes later, “Tyler took the Earth to the rug and now we can’t explore it!” - Logan

At the playground, I was taking a few kids to the bathroom and Sydney told me that Rowa had said that she needed to go so I told Rowa I was taking a group and to come with us. Rowa replied, “I don’t need to go anymore.” Me: “Are you sure?” Rowa: “Yea, it went back up as food.”


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