Zion National Park

Last weekend was Sarah's Bachelorette Party. She and 8 of her friends danced the nights away in Las Vegas.
I decided to get out of Tucson as well, so I hopped onto Sarah's flight to Vegas. We got a rental car and after dropping Sarah and Suzanne off on The Strip, I drove north towards Utah.
I was going to meet my buddy Walter, who was driving from Salt Lake, and we planned to camp and hike for the weekend in Zion National Park.
The park opened its shuttle bus service that Friday, and we hit all the major trails. We covered around 25 miles over the weekend, traversing several thousand feet in elevation.
The highlight for me was Angel's Landing, a precarious climb to a ledge with 1500' vertical drop-offs on all sides. Hidden Canyon was another gem and not nearly as crowded as Angel's Landing.
I wanted to hike upstream in the Virgin River to the famous "Narrows" where sandstone walls 800' high converge into a slot canyon 8' wide. Unfortunately, the river was running too high a volume, and the trail was closed.
I guess that means I'll be returning! Anyone wanna join me?


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