Trevor's Excellent Adventure Visit

My former college roomie, former post-college roomie, fraternity bro, beer-brewer, avid builder of all things, and good ol'buddy Trevor came out to visit. He even brought some home-brew beer with him. What a pal!
We had a blast hangin out. Burren loved him. She even left teeth marks as a sign of her affection (shes a puppy, its ok) How those healing by-the-way Tev?
Well first off, there is a massive rock promontory between Tucson and Phoenix. We had to climb that. Couple of hours, no problem. Here are some photos.

Next up we headed Southeast to the Dragoon Mts and Cochise Stronghold. The rocky outcrop served as the 15 year hide-out of Apache chief Cochise and his tribe. Today the area is a fantastic camping and rock climbing mecca. So thats what we did. Burren loved it too.

I never saw the Pauly Shore movie "Biodome", but now I've been to biodome, or in this case the Biosphere. Its run by the U of A for science experiments in climate change, agriculture, and terra farming. I think Trev and I agree that it is an engineering marvel.

When Sarah and I were planning our move to Tucson, Grandpa told me that there is a huge airplane graveyard here. Boy, is he right! There are over 4,000 planes in the "boneyard". Some are repurposed, some are dismantled and sold for parts or scrap metal. There are even more in the Pima Air & Space Museum that have been restored. For Trev and I, it was like meeting some of the characters from Top Gun.

Finger Rock is a familiar skyline feature of the Catalina Mts north of Tucson. The "finger" is around 6,500' in elevation and it's about an 8 mile roundtrip. We started at 3,000', and finished somewhere over 7,000'. It's a big steep climb that took our breath and gave us some great views.

The last outdoor adventure session of Trev's visit was an afternoon of sport climbing at hairpin turn.

Last but not least, we had fun taking Trevor out to some of Tucson's best Mexican eateries and more interesting watering holes! It was a great visit and I miss hanging out with my buddy. Till next time amigo!


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